Hello World

Hello. It’s Dave and Carol here. This is our first blog post out of hopefully many.

After a bit of a debate we have decided to carve out this corner of the web. Our main intention is to share with you our road to financial independence. We also plan to write about British property market and our reasoning behind different financial decisions that we make. We have found that current financial information is too generic and ambiguous. As such we will strive to present our opinions and actual cases.

Upcoming blog posts are going to be written from the perspective of a married couple with two little kids. At the moment we live in London and both of us are doing “professional” jobs. We had not been born here but we both are now British citizens. We plan our future with this country and consider ourselves British. For more about us please see about us.

See you soon!

Writing about investments, taxes and finance in general.

Dave works and lives in London and is a dad of two energetic boys.

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